Vts30 1.5kw V F Vector Torque Control with Encoder Feedback VFD

VTS Inverter / Servo Drive
Exceptional Overall performance / Rich Growth Guide-design Trim / Modular Layout

About Item
VTS collection products support a assortment of motor handle,encoder sorts, and conversation protocols. With the upper laptop, numerous network handle can be understood. VTS sequence is divided into the pursuing versions:
VTS500: Substantial Performance Servo Generate
VTS400: Multifunctional Drive
VTS300: Substantial Efficiency CZPT Function Inverter
VTS200: Gentle Load CZPT Function Inverter
VTS100: CZPT Purpose Inverter
VTS30: Mini Inverter

Agent Market
Equipment device business, Lift, Crane business, Air compressor market, Papermaking market, Oilfield, CZPT industry, Steel processing, Municipal engineering, Textile sector, Printing and packaging, CZPT mining, Processing heart, Wood processing, Cable CZPT, Foodstuff Packaging, CZPT Vehicles, Centrifuges and Higher-finish applications ect.


  • Procedure panel

  • Chinese/English liquid crystal exhibit keyboard and LED keyboard, abundant information and handy debugging

  • With multi-practical mixture important for example, recognize distant/regional switching, emergency shutdown and other humanized functions

  • Contain parameter storage chip, so that the buyer is convenient to storage, upload and download the parameters. It is especially suited for batch supporting clients, the debugging time is saved greatly and the mounted performance is improved.

  • Help the plan of extension cord

  • Robust motor adaptation capacity

  • Be compatible with synchronous motor, asynchronous motor, reluctance motor, electric major shaft and other motors

  • Assistance the open-loop vector of synchronous motor, open-loop vector of asynchronous motor, closed-loop vector of synchronous motor, open up-loop vector manage of asynchronous motor, and so forth.

  • Be suitable with the encoders with a number of technical specs

  • Help the photoelectric encoder, rotary transformer encoder and sine and cosine encoder

  • Support accessing the motor encoder and auxiliary encoder into the travel at the identical time to comprehend the double-loop management when making certain the security of the management system, the error of the mechanical travel can be eliminated, so the encoder is particularly appropriate for the equipment instrument, bending device and other industries. For example, the motor encoder is utilized as the motor pace manage and the auxiliary encoder is utilized as the situation handle.

  • Abundant extended function

  • I/O card can be highly CZPT in accordance to the calls for of the consumers

  • Assistance plug and convenient for wiring and maintenance

  • I/O terminals with various features decide on the design with various colours so as to decrease the probability of mistake wiring of customers significantly and it is effortless to use, beautiful and functional.

  • E-book structure, small volume and mild excess weight

  • When compared with other goods of the Business, the quantity and excess weight are lowered by 50%.

  • The ebook framework can help save the installation room.

  • Abundant conversation interface

  • CZPT Modbus 485 interaction, CANopen conversation, optional Ether CAT, PROFIBUS-DP, Profinet, MIII, RTEX, POWERLINK and other communications

  • Modbus 485 supports 15 groups of user deal with free of charge mapping, so it is adaptable and hassle-free.

  • Plentiful and excellent protection perform

  • It has plentiful and ideal protection capabilities, these kinds of as undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent, overheat, overload, peripheral defense, output grounding quick circuit, encoder disconnection, motor overload and overheating, etc.

  • Abundant multi-practical card

  • A few teams of substantial-pace chip conversation interface

  • Help extension CPU development

  • CZPT of function extension card for industrial equipment

  • Support the secondary application and development of clients to the hardware and software


Vts30 1.5kw V F Vector Torque Control with Encoder Feedback VFD