Small NEMA 24 60mm Hybrid Synchronous Stepper Stepping Motor H601 with High Torque

I. CH MOTOR – Hybrid Stepper Motor H601(60MM)


-Stage Angle: 1.8°
-Duration: forty one-90mm
-Rated Recent: two.-4.2A
-Period Resistance: .4-one.8ohm
-Section Inductance: one.2-six.5mH
-Keeping Torque: seventy five-260N. Cm
-Detent Torque: 3.-12N. Cm
-Direct Wire No.: four
-Excess weight: five hundred-1400g


CZPTal Specification:

Sequence Design Stage Angle ( o ) L
Rated Present (A) Phase
( Ω )
Inductance (mH)
Holding Torque
Detent Torque ( Lead
( g)
H601-5710 1.eight 41 two. one.2 2.five seventy five 3. 4 500
H601-5715 1.8 forty five two.five 1. two.two eighty five three.five 4 550
H601-14571 one.eight fifty one two.5 one.two three.two a hundred and forty four. four 580
H601-16571 one.8 56 two.five one.3 four.two 160 four. four 580
H601-16030 1.eight 56 3. .8 two.4 a hundred and sixty 4. four 580
H601-16042 1.eight 56 4.two .four one.two one hundred sixty four. 4 580
H601-18571 one.eight sixty four two.5 1.five 4.5 a hundred and eighty five. four 850
H601-18030 one.eight 64 three. .eight 2.3 one hundred eighty 5. four 850
H601-18042 one.8 sixty four four.2 .fifty five one.2 a hundred and eighty five. 4 850
H601-22571 1.8 seventy six 2.5 1.eight 6.five 220 seven. four 1150
H601-22030 one.eight seventy six 3. one. three.5 220 seven. 4 1150
H601-22042 1.eight 76 four.2 .6 one.eight 220 7.two 4 1150
H601-26030 1.eight 90 3. one.four five.5 260 12 4 1400
H601-26042 one.8 90 four.two .eight three. 260 12 4 1400

About Us:

I.CH Movement Co., Ltd., proven in 2006, and our major goods are hybrid stepper motor, stepping motor driver, stage motor, stepping motor, integrated step servo motors. 2 section stepper motor, stepping motor, stage motor.

Professional maker for stepper motor, have NEMA8, NEMA11, NEMA14, NEMA17, NEMA23, NEMA34, NEMA42.1.eight degree, .9 degrees. Solitary shaft and double shaft.

I.CH owns a examination centre, outfitted with a assortment of detection tools and measuring devices. The check centre equipped Torque-frequency characteristic test gear and Encoder Precision check instrument also.


Our products are extensively used and used in the following industries: lights program, projector, CNC, semiconductor, textile, laser, woodworking, printing, advertising and marketing, apparel, marble and ceramic, robotics and military.

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Small NEMA 24 60mm Hybrid Synchronous Stepper Stepping Motor H601 with High Torque