Hysteresis Brakes Tensioner Part

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 Hysteresis Brakes for Coil Winding CZPT&lparMagnetic brake&rpar

    CZPT Hysteresis Brakes generate torque strictly by means of a magnetic air hole CZPT the use of magnetic particles or friction parts&time period This method of braking gives considerably exceptional functioning traits &lparsmoother torque&comma more time existence&comma excellent repeatability&comma large degree of controllability&comma and much less upkeep and down time&rpar which make them the favored option for precise stress handle during the processing of nearly any material&comma web or strand&interval

Structural Traits&colon
The hysteresis effect in magnetism is used to torque handle by the use of two standard componentsa reticulated pole composition and a specialty steel rotor&solshaft assemblyfastened jointly but not in bodily get in touch with&interval Until finally the field coil is energized&comma the drag cup and shaft can spin freely on its bearings&period When a magnetizing pressure from either a discipline coil or magnet is applied to the pole structure&comma the air gap becomes a flux subject&time period The rotor is magnetically restrained&comma offering a braking motion among the pole construction and rotor&period 


1&periodKIMCHEN Hysteresis Brakes provide precise control of wire rigidity in the course of wind&comma hook and lower functions of higher velocity automated winding machines&period

2&periodTransformer and coil winding functions employing Hysteresis Brakes in open up loop manage for keeping specific pressure for the duration of winding procedure&period of time

3&periodPrecision gap control using Hysteresis Brake and image sensor&interval

4&periodUnwind rigidity control by implies of follower arm with potentiometer&comma Hysteresis Brake and controller&period of time

five&periodKIMCHEN Hysteresis Brakes offer frictionless&comma non-breakaway pressure for tensioning resources for the duration of slitting and a lot of other material processing functions&time period

6&periodKIMCHEN Hysteresis Brake is used in precision computerized diagnostic equipment&comma as effectively as in regular physical exercise equipment&period of time

seven&periodKIMCHEN Hysteresis Brakes are commonly used in load simulation programs for existence testing on electrical motors&comma actuators&comma tiny gas engines&comma gearboxes&comma and numerous other rotating gadgets and assemblies&period of time The ability of hysteresis units to stand up to substantial temperatures for prolonged periods of operation CZPT suffering any degradation to their magnetic constructions can make them excellent for these purposes&comma as well as environmental testing&comma and even applications in outer place&period

8&periodTheir potential to produce torque unbiased of velocity makes Hysteresis Brakes the favored technique of braking used in many dynamometers used for overall performance tests of motors&comma actuators&comma gasoline engines&comma and so on&interval

nine&periodKIMCHEN Hysteresis Brake used for keeping of backdriving load&commaapplying pre-masses for avoiding backlash&comma backdriving masses&comma and in limiting torque to prevent harm to sensitive assemblies&period of time


Model  Rated Torque  Rated Current  V DC Coil Resistance  Kinetic Electrical power Ratings  External Highest Pace Weight 
&lparKg&periodcm&rpar  &lparmA&rpar &lparVolt&rpar 25ºC  10&percnt &lparWatts&rpar  Inertia  &lparRPM&rpar &lparKg&rpar
&lparOhms&rpar Intermittent  Ongoing &lparKg&period of time cm²&rpar
HB-300 &period03 126 24 190 eight 2 three&period3 X 10&Hatneg4 20000 &period12
HB-a hundred and one &period1 one hundred sixty a hundred and fifty twenty 5 nine&period2 X ten&Hatneg4 &period14
HB-201 &period2 one hundred sixty a hundred and fifty 25 6 one&period5 X ten&Hatneg3 &period15
HB-501 &period5 192 125 30 eight six&period8 X ten&Hatneg3 &period21
HB-102 1 192 one hundred twenty five fifty five 15 four&period6X ten&Hatneg2 &period39
HB-202 two 200 a hundred and twenty 90 24 6&period8 X 10&Hatneg2 15000 &period51
HB-502 five 250 96 a hundred and fifty 38 1&period8 X 10&Hatneg1 1&period35
HB-103 10 250 ninety six 350 eighty 1&period1 X 10º 1&period9
HB-203 twenty three hundred eighty 460 a hundred and fifteen 3&period2 X 10º 10000 3&period5
HB-303 30 four hundred sixty 680 165 seven&period3 X 10º 5&period2
HB-603 sixty 800 30 1360 330 1&period4 X 10¹ ten&period4

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Hysteresis Brakes Tensioner Part