High Quality Electric Actuator for Stage&4D Cinema



Construction, Materials and Feature

Compact framework, small size, easy set up and routine maintenance.

Large precision, substantial performance, large overall performance,lower sound, dependable, sturdy

Cylinder substance: aluminium alloy.

*45# steel is optional for extreme thrust cylinder or particular problems.

Cylinder rod materials: substantial-alloy steel,

floor chrome plating, antiwear, anti-corrosion.

*SUS304 is optional for Cylinder rod.




Functionality and Configuration

Internal software of ball screw and roller screw.

Repeated positioning precision: ±0.01mm

*Relevant to diverse events.

Thrust, velocity, stroke and installation can be CZPT.

*Reducer device is optional to drive high thrust with small energy.

Motor is optional to various prerequisite.

*AC servo motor, reduced voltage servo motor, stepping motor, DC motor, variable frequency motor, and so forth.


  Special Procedure

  Insert magnet ring within, deploy with stroke switch

  Anti rotation mechanism.

  All optional areas can be specified or provided by client, for e.g.: servo motor, reducer.

Note: CZPT cylinder is not a standard goods,please inform us your distinct needs for check out.



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High Quality Electric Actuator for Stage&4D Cinema