The high precision pitch of the racks can get rid of the necessity for electronic compensation and the high precision parallelism permits drives with extremely low backlash without the need for preloading. Used with our Split-Pinions, ultra-precise zero-backlash axis drives may be accomplished.

There are also quick-disconnect switches here, which provide extra safety and versatility for keeping your systems. Just disconnect your solar array and reconnect it when you wish. We also have MC4 branch connectors for connecting solar panels.
These racks can be found in directly (spur) and helical versions, in modules 1.5 through 12.0, in lengths up to two meter long. These racks are perfect for high accuracy applications needing minimal pitch error over the entire travel length.

We also have all the accessories you require for your solar panel arrays and mounts. Our prewired solar array combiner boxes serve as central places for multiple insight to single output loads. Featuring a waterproof case, this box is ideal for bigger solar arrays and high-current systems. It creates installation and maintenance easier and offers a plug-and-play solution.

Our solar panel installation racks selection includes solar power ground racks and pole-mount racks. We carry floor racks that feature innovative styles that enable you to quickly set them up.
Made of high-grade, corrosion-resistant structural-grade steel, our single-pole install racks can hold as many as six huge PV solar power panels. These rugged, long lasting mounts come with everything you need for set up, except for the concrete foundation you will need to anchor them to.

Heavy-duty solar racks provides security for your solar panels and also enable you to place them to derive optimum energy and effectiveness from the sun’s placement and your own location. Whether you are using solar power for a cabin that’s off the grid, as a backup system for your home or business to provide electricity when town power goes out or for pumps or additional remote uses, AIMS Power provides an array of solar racks, ground and pole mounts, combiner boxes and connectors to help you get the many out of your solar array.