Electric Wheel 48V 500W Brushless Hub Motor for Ebike

If you happen to be an electric bike rider that likes a minor electrical power with a fantastic experience time&commathen pick our eletric bicycle gearless hub motor ebike Kit&time period This gearless hub motor ebike kit will come full with a magnetic pedelic to aid assist your ride&comma a thumb&solhalf twist throttle for simple accelleration&comma and you can include one particular of the very best e-bicycle batteries&interval

So if you are exhausted of obtaining close to CZPT pace&comma seize your mountain bike or beach front cruiser&comma wire a single of these hub motor ebike kit&comma and you’ve received yourself a rapid&comma lengthy long lasting electric bike&period

Coversion Kit Consist of
1&periodMotor &colon Brushless gearless motor&semi 36 holes&period
2&periodController &colon 36V 22A&semi nine MOZ tubes
three&periodThrottle&lparwith battery indicator&rpar &colon Thumb throttle &sol Twist throttle for optional&period
4&periodBrake levers &colon Shut off the motor when you brake&period of time
5&periodRim&lpardouble-deck alloy&rpar &colon 16″ twenty” 24″ 26″ 28″ 700C for optional&period of time
eight&periodUser manual


Rated Energy 500W
Nominal Voltage 36V
Controller 36V 22A
Place Front Motor&solRear Motor
CZPT Brushless Geared Motor
RPM 100-380
Max Torque 32N&periodm
Performance eighty three&percnt
Corridor Sensor With
Axle 100mm&lparFront&rpar&sol135mm&lparRear&rpar

Front wheel installation requirements&colon
o No less than 100mm between front dropouts &lparIt almost be a common standard&rpar
Advantage of front wheel&colon
o Easier to install CZPT derailleur adjustments&comma you can use your original freewheel&period of time
Disadvantage of front wheel&colon
o Decreased grip when you ride on steep inclines or in wet condition&period of time
Rear wheel installation requirements&colon
o No less than 135mm between rear dropouts &lparIt almost be a common standard&rpar
Advantage of rear wheel&colon
o Better grip especially when you ride on steep inclines or in wet condition&period
o Disc brake compatible&period
Disadvantage of rear wheel&colon
o Limited to 6&sol7 speed freewheel&period Available freewheels are 1 speed&comma 5 speed&comma 6 speed&comma or 7 speed &period of time
o More steps than installation of front wheel&time period

Electric Wheel 48V 500W Brushless Hub Motor for Ebike