Automated Commercial Craft Beer Copper Brewing Equipment

Automated industrial craft beer copper brewing equipment 

                                                         7BBL Brewery Undertaking                                                                                        
Tools Detail Qty  
  10BBL Mash tun&Lauter tank, 7BBL Brew kettle&Whirlpool, 1twoBBL Very hot Water Tank)+ fifteenm2 Plate Heat ExchangerGas burner, pump and other essential 


(viton gaskets)


1 set





  7BBL Fermentation tank


7BBL beer vibrant tank




one established





  Refrigerating program


1threeBBL Cold water tank

sixty gallon glycol storage tank

Refrigerating device(Chiller)sevenp *1unit

one unit  
  45 gallon CIP Method unit  
  Control program  device  
  Added spare areas  1set  



  Beer Keg Two CZPTs Washer  1set  
  Beer transport pump with VFD  units  
  Extra fittings 1 unit  

7bbl brewery mashing technique

  1. Effectivevolume: 7BBL,
  2. Within area: SUS304, Thickness:3mm
  3. Exterior surface: matte sharpening stainless steel, Thickness:2mm
  4. Thermal insulation content: Rock wool, thickness: 80MM,
  5. Polishing coefficient: .4µm
  6. Resources: Stainless metal 304
  7. Heating mode: Very hot drinking water is warming up
  8. Feedstock method: it is created by seal pump to pump out style, Mash pump with large electricity and minimal velocity.
  9.  Sealing technique:prime stress glass manhole.
  10. Temperature measurement approach: PT100 temperature probe
  11.  Glass top manhole with LED gentle, dimension: 350mm.
  12. Cleansing method: CIP Mounted rotate cleansing ball and sparage coil. best manhole,
  13.  With:thermometer, degree all needed valves and fittings
  14. Stainless steel legs, with screw assembly to modify leg height.
  15. Matching valve components
  16. Process: TIG welding, polished inside of and outdoors, no welding lifeless, fluid top quality assurance.
  17. Raker: VFD manage, stirring motor,
  18. The manhole is out of the aspect.
  19. Glass degree exhibit.
7bbl brewery boiling technique
  • Successful volume:7BBL
  • Dished head and cylindrical shell, shallow conical base
  • Thermal insulation materials: Rock wool, thickness 75mm, internal tank thickness 3mm, outer tank thickness 2mm,
  • Glass best manhole dimension: 350mm.
  • CIP cleaning spay ball and glass degree on brewhouse.
  • Whirlpool tangent pumped at 1/3height of the tank and glass level.
  • Area safety, weld slinging band with stainless steelleg, adjustable bolt to change leg peak
  • The essential parts of valve, processing specialized
  • Argon arc welding, Inside and outdoors the sharpening, No welding corner to make sure the good quality of the fluid,
  • Feed in and out: pump out, mash pump with higher energy and minimal velocity.
  • Glass degree screen.
  • Immediate fire heating, the decrease part of the tank is equipped with a combustion chamber.
  • The steam stack will need to be fourteen feet tall with a china hat on prime and a condensation runoff at the bottom.


7bbl brewery fermenting system

1.Powerful volume:7BBL, dish head and cylinder tank

2.Inside of surface area: SUS304, TH:3mm,Outside the house floor: SUS304, TH:2mm,

three. Thermal insulation content: Polyurethane (PU) foam, Insulation thickness: 75MM.

3.Manhole: side manhole .

four.Style force 3bar, Operating force: one.5-two.0bar

five.Bottom design: sixty degree cone for easy to exist yeast.

6.Cooling technique: Dimple cooling jacket

seven.Cleansing method: Fastened-round rotary cleaning ball.

eight.Management method: PT100, temperature control the temperature sensor the same height as the sample valve.

9.Dry hops introducing device on the leading,With: CIP arm with spray ball, strain gauge, Mechanical pressure regulating valve, sanitary sampling valve, breath valve, Ice water solenoid valve, drain valve, thermometer etc.

ten.Stainless steel legs with larger and thicker foundation plate, with screw assembly to change leg top

11.Complete with associated valves and fittings. blow off arm to the top of the tank

7bbl brewery brilliant beer tank

1. Efficient quantity:7BBL, dish head and cylinder tank

two. Within surface: SUS304, TH:3mm, interior polishing. Exterior floor: SUS304, TH:2mm,cladding plate.

three. Thermal insulation substance: Polyurethane (PU) foam, Insulation thickness: 75MM.

four. Manhole: facet manhole on dish head, dry hops incorporating device on the top,stage guage

5. Design and style force 3bar, Doing work force: 1.5-two.0bar

six. Bottom design and style: one hundred forty degree cone for effortless to exist yeast.

7. Cooling technique: Dimple cooling jacke.

8. Cleaning system: Set-spherical rotary cleansing ball.

nine. Management program: PT100, temperature management

ten. With: CIP arm with spray ball, pressure gauge, Mechanical force regulating valve, sanitary sampling valve, breath valve, Ice drinking water solenoid valve, drain valve, thermometer and so forth.

eleven. Stainless steel legs with larger and thicker base plate, with screw assembly to adjust leg top

12. Full with related valves and fittings.


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Automated Commercial Craft Beer Copper Brewing Equipment