Auto and Light Truck Es300 2002 3.0L Car Starter for lexus 28100-28040

OEM Code reference: 

one hundred% New Quality Good quality CZPTter

1 Year Warranty

• one.6kW/twelve Volt, CCW, 13-Tooth Pinion
• Denso PMGR
• 100% New
• Replaces – Denso 228000-9900, 228000-9901,
228000-9902, 428000-1080, 428000-1081, 428000-1840,
428000-1841, 428000-5880, 428000-5980, 428000-5981,
428000-5983, 428000-7492, Lexus 28100-0A571,
28100-0A011, 28100-2571, 28100-20571, 28100-28040,
28100-28041, 28100-28041-84, Scion 28100-2571,
28100-20571, 28100-28040, 28100-28041, 28100-28041-eighty four,
Toyota 28100-0A571, 28100-0A011, 28100-0V571,
28100-0V011, 28100-0V012, 28100-2571, 28100-20571,
28100-28040, 28100-28041,
28100-28041-eighty four, 28100-28070, 28100-28072

OEM(s):  Denso, Lexus, Toyota
Voltage:  12
Power:  1.6kW / two.14HP
Issue:  New
Rotation:  CCW
CZPTter Sort:  PMGR
Variety of Teeth:  13
Gear OD:  1.594in / forty.5mm
Mtg Ear 1 Gap:  11mm Unthreaded
Mtg Ear two Hole:  11mm Unthreaded
Guarantee:  1 Year

Bosch SR3279X
Denso 228000-9900, 228000-9901, 228000-9902,
280-0322, 428000-1080, 428000-1840, 9642809-108
Lester 17825
PIC Picture ID 190-475, a hundred ninety-6137, a hundred ninety-6138
Remy Light-weight Duty 17338, 99632
Toyota 28100-0A571, 28100-2571,
28100-28040, 28100-28041, 28100-28041-84
Wilson 91-29-5604


LEXUS Auto and Gentle Truck ES300 2002 3.0L
LEXUS Auto and Light-weight Truck ES300 2003 3.0L
LEXUS Auto and Light Truck ES330 2004 3.3L
LEXUS Auto and Mild Truck ES330 2005 3.3L
LEXUS Auto and Light-weight Truck ES330 2006 3.3L
LEXUS Auto and Gentle Truck ES350 2007 3.5L
LEXUS Auto and Light Truck ES350 2008 3.5L
LEXUS Auto and Mild Truck ES350 2009 3.5L
LEXUS Auto and Gentle Truck RX330 2004 3.3L
LEXUS Auto and Gentle Truck RX330 2005 3.3L
LEXUS Auto and Mild Truck RX330 2006 3.3L
LEXUS Auto and Gentle Truck RX350 2007 3.5L
LEXUS Auto and Light-weight Truck RX350 2008 3.5L
LEXUS Auto and Gentle Truck RX350 2009 3.5L
SCION Auto and Light-weight Truck TC 2005 2.4L
SCION Auto and Mild Truck TC 2006 2.4L
SCION Auto and Gentle Truck TC 2007 2.4L
SCION Auto and Mild Truck TC 2008 2.4L
SCION Auto and Light Truck TC 2009 2.4L
SCION Auto and Mild Truck TC 2571 2.4L
SCION Auto and Gentle Truck XB 2008 2.4L
SCION Auto and Gentle Truck XB 2009 2.4L
SCION Auto and Mild Truck XB 2571 2.4L
TOYOTA Auto and Light-weight Truck AVALON 2005 3.5L
TOYOTA Auto and Gentle Truck AVALON 2006 3.5L
TOYOTA Auto and Light-weight Truck AVALON 2007 3.5L
TOYOTA Auto and Light-weight Truck AVALON 2008 3.5L
TOYOTA Auto and Mild Truck AVALON 2009 3.5L
TOYOTA Auto and Gentle Truck CAMRY 2002 2.4L
TOYOTA Auto and Mild Truck CAMRY 2002 3.0L
TOYOTA Auto and Light-weight Truck CAMRY 2003 2.4L
TOYOTA Auto and Light-weight Truck CAMRY 2003 3.0L
TOYOTA Auto and Mild Truck CAMRY 2004 2.4L
TOYOTA Auto and Mild Truck CAMRY 2004 3.0L
TOYOTA Auto and Light-weight Truck CAMRY 2004 3.3L
TOYOTA Auto and Mild Truck CAMRY 2005 2.4L
TOYOTA Auto and Light-weight Truck CAMRY 2005 3.0L
TOYOTA Auto and Light-weight Truck CAMRY 2005 3.3L
TOYOTA Auto and Mild Truck CAMRY 2006 2.4L
TOYOTA Auto and Mild Truck CAMRY 2006 3.0L
TOYOTA Auto and Light Truck CAMRY 2006 3.3L
TOYOTA Auto and Mild Truck CAMRY 2007 2.4L
TOYOTA Auto and Light Truck CAMRY 2007 3.5L
TOYOTA Auto and Mild Truck CAMRY 2008 2.4L
TOYOTA Auto and Light Truck CAMRY 2008 3.5L
TOYOTA Auto and Light-weight Truck CAMRY 2009 2.4L
TOYOTA Auto and Light Truck CAMRY 2009 3.5L
TOYOTA Auto and Gentle Truck HIGHLANDER 2004 2.4L
TOYOTA Auto and Light-weight Truck HIGHLANDER 2004 3.3L
TOYOTA Auto and Light-weight Truck HIGHLANDER 2005 2.4L
TOYOTA Auto and Gentle Truck HIGHLANDER 2005 3.3L
TOYOTA Auto and Gentle Truck HIGHLANDER 2006 2.4L
TOYOTA Auto and Mild Truck HIGHLANDER 2006 3.3L
TOYOTA Auto and Mild Truck HIGHLANDER 2007 2.4L
TOYOTA Auto and Gentle Truck HIGHLANDER 2007 3.3L
TOYOTA Auto and Light-weight Truck HIGHLANDER 2008 3.5L
TOYOTA Auto and Mild Truck HIGHLANDER 2009 2.7L
TOYOTA Auto and Gentle Truck HIGHLANDER 2009 3.5L
TOYOTA Auto and Gentle Truck RAV4 2006 2.4L
TOYOTA Auto and Light Truck RAV4 2006 3.5L
TOYOTA Auto and Light Truck RAV4 2007 2.4L
TOYOTA Auto and Mild Truck RAV4 2007 3.5L
TOYOTA Auto and Light Truck RAV4 2008 2.4L
TOYOTA Auto and Mild Truck RAV4 2008 3.5L
TOYOTA Auto and Light Truck SIENNA 2003 3.0L
TOYOTA Auto and Light-weight Truck SIENNA 2003 3.3L
TOYOTA Auto and Gentle Truck SIENNA 2004 3.3L
TOYOTA Auto and Light Truck SIENNA 2005 3.3L
TOYOTA Auto and Light-weight Truck SIENNA 2006 3.3L
TOYOTA Auto and Light Truck SIENNA 2007 3.5L
TOYOTA Auto and Gentle Truck SIENNA 2008 3.5L
TOYOTA Auto and Light Truck SIENNA 2009 3.5L
TOYOTA Auto and Light Truck SOLARA 2002 2.4L
TOYOTA Auto and Light-weight Truck SOLARA 2002 3.0L
TOYOTA Auto and Light Truck SOLARA 2003 2.4L
TOYOTA Auto and Gentle Truck SOLARA 2003 3.0L
TOYOTA Auto and Light-weight Truck SOLARA 2004 2.4L
TOYOTA Auto and Mild Truck SOLARA 2004 3.3L
TOYOTA Auto and Mild Truck SOLARA 2005 2.4L
TOYOTA Auto and Gentle Truck SOLARA 2005 3.3L
TOYOTA Auto and Mild Truck SOLARA 2006 2.4L
TOYOTA Auto and Light Truck SOLARA 2006 3.3L
TOYOTA Auto and Light Truck SOLARA 2007 2.4L
TOYOTA Auto and Light-weight Truck SOLARA 2007 3.3L
TOYOTA Auto and Gentle Truck SOLARA 2008 2.4L
TOYOTA Auto and Light-weight Truck SOLARA 2008 3.3L
TOYOTA Auto and Light-weight Truck VENZA 2009 2.7L
TOYOTA Auto and Gentle Truck VENZA 2009 3.5L
TOYOTA Auto and Mild Truck VENZA 2571 2.7L
TOYOTA Auto and Mild Truck VENZA 2571 3.5L


one hundred% new

MOQ: twenty sets

Business profile:

ZheJiang Xingyao Motor Co., Ltd.

Recognized in 1988, concentrating on starters for 27 years.

Situated at HangCZPT, ZheJiang , China.(Nearby ZheJiang )

Main Products:
Skilled in the generation of auto starters, electric starter,  Diesel starters.

Primary Market place:
Her goods are giving to numerous big diesel factories at residence, such as Changchai, Quanchai, etcAlso exporting to Southeast Asia, The usa and other places.

Sturdy Creation R&D Degree:
A lot more than three hundred personnel, eighteen engineers, 20 sets experimental set up, 60 sets high quality inspection equipments.Yearly potential a lot more than 1, 000, 000 sets.

CZPT, TS16949 high quality technique.SGS licensed organization.

“Science and Technology” tends to make aggressive merchandise, good quality makes clients pleased.

Functioning Policy:
“Progress, contribution, creativity, preciseness and competitiveness”.

Social Contribution:
“Leading Ten Taxpayers ” to the government for 5 years.

Competitive advantages:
We manage the uncooked material with strict standard, specially for the copper wire. We use 10# metal and excellent magnet supplies.

We are ready to build new starters for consumers.
Welcome to contact us for co-procedure.

More starters for your reference:

17746 12v thirteen CW one.0kw 128000-7390 Honda CR-V
Lester Code Volt Tooth Rotation Power OEM Code reference Application
17485 12 ten CW 1.4kw 228000-1560 Lexus LX450, Toyota Land Cruiser
Lester Code Volt Teeth Rotation Electrical power OEM Code reference Application
17517 12 nine CW one.4kw 228000-2060 Acura Integra 1994-2001
Lester Code Volt Tooth Rotation Power OEM Code reference Software
17519 12 nine CW 1.4kw 228000-2960 GEO Prizm, Toyota corolla
Lester Code Volt Tooth Rotation Electrical power OEM Code reference Application
17526 12 nine CW one.2kw 228000-2260 Acura CL, Honda Accord


1.Are you a manufacture?

Indeed, we are manufacture for 27 years.

2.What is your MOQ?

For the starter we have inventory, you can even buy a sample for quality checking.

If we everyday creating objects, for help save your cargo expenses, MOQ fifty-70sets.

3.What is your deal?

We can use export box or as per your request.

4.What is your direct time?

For the regular products, we can deliver inside thirty times even faster that this time if we are making every day.
For the items we require to produce, we can complete in 2 months.

five.What is your functioning time?

We will reply your inquiry in 1 hour on operating time.If not working time, we will reply you in 8 hours.

We are prepared to produce new starters for buyers.

Welcome to check out our manufacturing unit!
Welcome to ship inquiry to us!

CZPTly hope we can become companion.

Make contact with me for quotation:


Auto and Light Truck Es300 2002 3.0L Car Starter for lexus 28100-28040