Adjustable Speed DC Motor with Brush 600HP  450kw IP23 Air-Cooled by Blower 450kw for Driving Extruder IC06

Z4 one hundred sixty/440/440V Higher Speed and Velocity Controller DC Motor with Brush IP21S IP23 IC06 for conveyors at cement textile

Widely used in the business of metallurgy, papermaking, printing, textile, printing and dyeing, cement and device tools.

CZPT Description

  • Frame sizes: 355           
  • Rated output: 450kW
  • Insulation course: F               
  • Voltage:160V / 440V
  • Duty cycle: S1                  
  • Excitation manner: Separate excitation
  • Rotation speed: 3000,1500,one thousand,750,600,five hundred,four hundred,three hundred,200r/min

Wonderful pace management technique by which pace can be lowered by reducing voltage with continuous torque or raised by lowering interesting recent with constant output broad range of velocity regulation modest size, light-weight substantial output electrical power, robust overload ability.

Altitude not exceeds 1000m, highest ambient temperature shall be no increased than +40ºCcan’t perform in the circumstance exactly where acidic/alkaline gas, or some other fuel that could damage the insulation exist the motor run by rectifier offer standard thrilling voltage is 180V,reinforced excitation is permitted but its voltage can bot be larger than 500V.

Designation of Types

Mounting and Framework
one. Enclosure and mounting type     
a. Defense class is IP21S, IP23 or IP44.
b. Mounting type see under table (frame with ft).

Mounting Frame dimension




Z4-one hundred~Z4-315



Z4-one hundred~Z4-315
(feet are not for installation objective )


Z4-one hundred~Z4-315
(toes are not for installation purpose)



2. Cooling technique
This sequence motors are cooled by compelled air with divided built-on blower which is linked to impartial power provide, and also fitted with air filter. The cooling technique of the motor is IC06, motor of IC17, IC37 can also be CZPT.
 a. Z4-one hundred~Z4-one hundred sixty, blower locates at NDE
 b. Z4-a hundred and eighty~Z4-450, blower locates at DE
c. Parameter of the cooling air and blower motor electrical power see table (3 period, 2 poles, 380V).
    Famous: Consult the producer when clients are interested in the pursuing sort motor:
a. Frame measurement Z4-a hundred~Z4-225 entirely enclosed self-cooled motor (IC410).
b. Frame size Z4-one hundred eighty~Z4-450 independently-cooled motor, blower at NDE (IC06).
c. Frame dimension Z4-a hundred~Z4-200 self-cooled motor, admirer on the shaft (IC01).
d. Frame size Z4-one hundred sixty~Z4-355 absolutely enclosed motor with air-air cooler (IC666).
e. Frame measurement Z4-a hundred and sixty~Z4-450 entirely enclosed motor with air-drinking water cooler (IC86W).

three. Terminal box is at the appropriate aspect of the frame from the view of DE (The motor whose terminal box is at the remaining facet or on the best can be also CZPT).
four. Motor whose speed generator or rotary encoder is at NDE can also be CZPT.
5.  Motor is linked to flexible coupling.
Sheet 1

Body Blowing price Strain Output Energy
m3/h pa kW
Z4-a hundred one hundred sixty 200 .04
Z4-112 220 three hundred .06
Z4-132 360 450 .18
Z4-a hundred and sixty 790 600 .37
Z4-a hundred and eighty 1200 940
Z4-two hundred 1600 800
Z4-225 2880 1400 three.
Z4-250 3000 1400 3.
Z4-280 4000 1600 4.
Z4-315 4680 1600 5.five
Z4-355 5200 1600 5.five
Z4-400 7200 1800 5.five
Z4-450 9000 1800 seven.5


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Adjustable Speed DC Motor with Brush 600HP  450kw IP23 Air-Cooled by Blower 450kw for Driving Extruder IC06