China supplier High Power 5000kw Synchronous Motor IP23 vacuum pump belt

Product Description


Product Description

Our products strictly enforce the IEC motor production standards, and after ISO9001 quality management system of strict quality control, to ensure that my company’s high-quality products. My company’s products in many areas have been the majority of customers praise.

Here we briefly introduce my company’s products

Motor frame
Motor frame: the use of domestic high-quality 45 # steel plate welded processing, with surface processing size tolerance should be less than 0.01mm, to ensure that the mechanical properties of the motor.
Motor spindle
Spindle material forged 45A steel. After quenched and tempered after rough car, fine car, washing, grinding and other processes from processing, to ensure the overall mechanical properties of the spindle and precision tolerance size.

Stator rotor core
(1) fixed rotor core is the use of low loss, high permeability, high stacking coefficient, the surface of the insulating film adhesion and good weldability, no time, the thickness of 0.5mm electrician high-quality grain non-oriented cold rolling Silicon steel sheet laminated. Cold rolled silicon steel sheet performance indicators should not be less than GB2521-88 requirements, the material used by the performance of not less than 50W310. Each piece of silicon steel sheet should be no burr, both sides coated with F-class insulation material paint to reduce the eddy current loss.
(2) fixed rotor core ventilation groove layout so that the air flow smooth and smooth, so that the stator core is fully cooled, the wind resistance loss is small.
Stator winding coil
Stator winding coil using domestic high-quality manufacturers to provide the F-class insulation grade enameled wire or double glass fiber flat copper wire wound around. In the manufacturing process after several inter-turn pulse voltage test and ground pressure test.

The stator rotor winding is embedded in the core  
The stator rotor winding: 100% pure copper flat copper bending, F-class insulation mica wrapped.

Stator rotor winding wiring
In the manufacturing process with silver copper argon arc welding, and with F-class insulation mica will be welded at the package so the motor insulation performance is excellent and reliable, good mechanical strength, moisture resistance.
Stator winding rotor winding vacuum impregnation
Using foreign advanced vacuum pressure impregnation solvent-free paint equipment and process (VPI) treatment. Has a good anti-corona and anti-corrosion resistance, in the groove, the end of the site to take anti-halo measures.
Therefore, the motor insulation performance is excellent and reliable, good mechanical strength, moisture resistance.

Rotor fine processing and dynamic balance check
Rotor fine processing to ensure the stability of the stator and rotor between the uniform
Dynamic balancing checks ensure good mechanical performance of the motor. 
Machine assembly and experiment
experimental projects
Mechanical inspection/Determination of DC resistanceDetermination of insulation resistanceNo load testDetermination of vibration and temperature riseDetermination of open circuit voltage of rotorStall testWinding to ground pressureTurnstrap test30KV DC leakage test.


F / B, H/B
Voltage and frequency
3.3kv/6kv/6.6kv 10kv 13.8kv   50 / 60HZ 
Cooling and ventilation
IC01 of IEC60034-6.
100% Cooper Wire
Protection class
vibration class A, vibration class B is available on request.
Quality assurance
obey ISO9001 documented quality system.
Site conditions
from -15°C t0 +40°C and altitude below 1000 meters


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Company Profile

FAGGIOLATI HangZhou is an innovative and efficient supplier of fluid equipment. The company’s quality management system fully meets the requirements of ISO90001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental system certification and OHSAS18001 safety system certification and has obtained the Chinese national certification.
We are committed to providing high-end technologies and services that improve water, air and the environment around the world, innovating for the benefit of our customers, satisfying them and benefiting our employees. 

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Application: Industrial
Operating Speed: High Speed
Number of Stator: Three-Phase
Species: Y Series
Rotor Structure: Winding Type
Casing Protection: Explosion-Proof Type


China supplier High Power 5000kw Synchronous Motor IP23   vacuum pump belt	China supplier High Power 5000kw Synchronous Motor IP23   vacuum pump belt
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