synchronous motor

Non-excited synchronous motor

These motors do not require DC power for rotor excitation. Instead, it uses rotors made of high-retention steel (cobalt steel). On this basis, we can classify non-excited synchronous motors into three types.

  • Hysteresis motor
  • Reluctance motor
  • Permanent magnet motor

Current Excited Synchronous Motor

It uses DC power to excite the rotor. After excitation, the rotor becomes a permanent magnet and generates a constant magnetic field. These motors require damping windings to start. So, initially, they start as induction motors, and after synchronization is achieved, they run as synchronous motors.

Types of Synchronous Motors

Synchronous motors are among the most efficient motors. The ability to control its power factor makes it highly desirable, especially for low-speed drives. Synchronous motors are among the most efficient motors. The ability to control its power factor makes it highly desirable, especially for low-speed drives.

We can divide synchronous motors into two types according to their excitation.

  • Non-excited synchronous motor
  • Current Excited Synchronous Motors

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